NO, NOT JOE DIMAGGIO’S: Baseball Card Sells For Record $5.2 Million

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A Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps baseball trading card has sold for a record $5.2 million at auction, $1 million more than the previous record for a baseball card, several outlets reported.

The card, in nearly mint condition manufactured by Topps in the first year it began producing baseball cards, was purchased by actor/producer/streetwear maker Rob Gough, TMZ and the Indianapolis Star reported.

The Star said Gough, who had purchased two other 1952 Mickey Mantle cards — but in lesser condition — began looking for a mint condition card and was contacted by Jesse Craig, director of business development for vintage card company PWCC, about a ”Grade 9” Mantle card stored in its vault. “Grade 10” is mint condition.

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  1. Reggie Jackson was completely overrated and should be thrown out of the hall of fame. The only stat he ever lead in, was strikeouts!


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