NO RAFFLE LIKE THIS: Win a $1,000,000 Dream Apartment in Yerushalayim! Hurry, Early Bird Raffle + All Orders DOUBLED—TODAY ONLY

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Time is running out for our early bird raffle! 

All tickets purchased at for our famous dream apartment raffle will automatically gain entry to an additional limited-time early bird raffle for purchases ONLY until TODAY–Thursday, October 7th! 


History is being made again… with the 4th year of The Dream Raffle!! 

There is no raffle in the Jewish world with a prize like this… A $1,000,000 apartment in the heart of Jerusalem!!! 

And to make things even better, for only one more week your ticket will enter you into TWO raffles!! 



Anyone who purchases tickets on the TODAY will get entered into a BONUS raffle with the additional prize of a roundtrip ticket to Israel on ELAL. 

That’s two raffles for the price of one! 

But wait… enter now and we will also DOUBLE YOUR TICKETS FOR FREE! 

For $180, you will now receive two raffle tickets into The Dream Raffle AND two entries into the early bird raffle.  

This means if you purchase one ticket at you get the following: 

  • TWO chances to WIN the $1,000,000 apartment in Jerusalem with a view of Har HaBayit. 
  • TWO chances to WIN a roundtrip ticket on EL AL and dinner with Shmuel Sackett—today only. 
  • Your money supporting the projects of the Am Yisrael Chai Fund: teens at risk, lifesaving K9 dogs, supporting Israeli farmers in Sh’mittah, and more! 


Remember: To enter the BONUS raffle AND double your tickets you must purchase your Dream Raffle tickets NOW at! Time is running out! 


Good luck and good luck (we said it TWICE because you’re entering TWO raffles!!! 

Drawing for the early bird raffle will be on Thursday, October 13th, the 7th of Tamuz, to coincide with the beginning of prayers for rain and dew, Vi’Tein Tal Umatar. Because even with all the work Am Yisrael Chai does, it is truly The One Above Who provides! 



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