No Terror Fear: Jets Get Empire State Building Fly-By


empire-state-building[Video below.] As the New York Jets flew home from their victory over the New England Patriots, they took a swing past the Empire State Building for a special sight.

The Jets’ charter plane was descending toward Newark Liberty Airport on Sunday when the pilot made the request. “Well I’ve had an unusual request,” the captain told the air traffic control tower. “If it’s green and white, these guys actually want to get as close as we could to see it.”

Air traffic controllers cleared a path and let the jet veer over New Jersey’s Hudson River waterfront, about two and a half miles from the building.

Some residents got frightened as they saw the jet over the riverfront, but it was not an attempted terrorist attack.

“It’s beautiful,” the captain said. “Yeah, we’ve got 200 people looking at it. A pretty night for it, too.”

“I planned that,” the air traffic controller joked.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters said the flight received special permission to stray into LaGuardia airspace but other flights were not affected.

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum called it a great ending for their trip.

The landmark was lighted last weekend in the Jets’ team colors, green and white. It will happen again next weekend, when they face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  1. Rex is a tzaddik, and the whole team shows the chashivus of emunah, bitachon, hishtadlus, hisamlus, living the derech hayashar by avoiding ishun, mashke and chazzerei. May we all be zoche to see them continue with their hatzlacha ad biyus haSuper Bowl, with nitzachon, amen!


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