NO THANKS: Eric Adams Says He’ll Fight NYC Crime The Same Way David Dinkins Did

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Former cop and mayoral frontrunner Eric Adams said Monday he would fight crime in the mold of the late Mayor David Dinkins — and not follow the lead of either Bill de Blasio or Rudy Giuliani.

Asked on CNN’s “New Day” by host John Berman if he would approach crime prevention like the current mayor or Giuliani, Adams said neither.

“Oh no, it would look like what David Dinkins’ looked like,” said Adams of his administration, if he’s elected, referring to the one-term Dinkins, the city’s only black mayor, who passed away last year.

Adams — who after Dinkins’ death in November called him “a great champion for people of color and a historic leader for a more inclusive city” — said his former friend and mentor helmed the city when the NYPD began implementing the “community policing” model.

“He was the one that started the Safe Streets initiative by bringing more and more enforcement, but doing community policing, and then we want to evolve to another level,” Adams said Monday.

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  1. Yet you grubeh tipshim in New York will keep voting for the leftist socialist liberal Democrats. Don’t you see what they have done to your state? Don’t you see what they have done to your city? YOU NEED STRONG CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP. GET WORKING ON IT!

    • Seems like you don’t chap that locally you can’t just oppose the ruling party I’m not even sure of a Republican is running for nyc mayor (even if he is if he is now known then prob losing)

      Imagine frum communities being on bad terms with local leadership that would be disastrous on so many fronts

      Funding, education, safety Etc

      Obviously it’s all in the hands of HASHEM

  2. Get out of all Democrat-controlled states and counties. It is easier to rebuild the community buildings and relocate businesses than to continue living in the Democrat cesspool.

  3. yea EXACTLY! I”ve been saying adams is another david dinkins and that fool admitted it LOL there’s no way we can afford another one of those after debasio years of mayhem and fleeing of businesses and citizens from the city

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