No Toeivah Category in 2020 Census Proposal

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The U.S. Census Bureau has opted not to propose a separate count of toeivah Americans for the 2020 Census, despite arguments in favor of the category from toeivah rights advocates.

The agency currently counts U.S. citizens based on gender, race, and other areas. T

oeivah rights advocates have reportedly argued that the decision is further evidence from the Trump administration that the White House will not fulfill its initial promise to protect toeivah Americans during his presidency. The Department of Health and Human Services last week removed questions about toeivah that were on two of its surveys, according to the Associated Press. Read more.


  1. Baruch Hashem! We finally have a President that is trying to remove some of the terrible filth that has taken over our once great country. I hope these kind of policies continue.

  2. By inserting Toeivah you are signaling that the content of the original article is offensive to our standards (to which I agree), so why would you post a link to the full article on your website? If people are that curious they can find it on their own. Don’t make something that you admit to being offensive so accessible to your readers!

  3. I shudder to think what would happen if Hillary would of won. Every yeshiva would be in trouble. I’m glad I voted Trump.

  4. i think that if they were counted people would realise that they are actually a tiny minority and that the amount of air time generally devoted to their “cause” is totally overblown and disproportionate

  5. Why refer to someone who did nothing wrong as a “toeivah American”? If he doesn’t do any aveiros, why is he labelled as a toeivah person? There are many members of the frum community who are this way through no fault of their own. I don’t think they would like to be referred to as toeivah people.

    I’m also not sure what is gained by using the word toeivah instead of the real word, if they mean the same thing.

    • That is a red herring

      If and only if

      He doesn’t do any aveiros
      and he/she Doesn’t from umbrella with and opposes all “Rainbow” organizations
      Since there is Kulturkampf and Global Movements pushing agenda and atmosphere as there is now
      of meisis U’meiti’ach

      THEN this is completely irrelevant to such a person

      Who implied that it would have anything to do with him-other than you?!
      Trying score insidious anti Torah points,huh?!

    • If someone is a toeivah than he is committing aveiros. There are some, not many, B”H, members of the frum community who are toeivahs due to their own misguided or sick ideas. No one is born toeivah. You can be an adroigines but that is a different category altogether. People choose their way of life. Most people are normal but there are some who are confused, sick or perverted and live a toeivah lifestyle which is queer. (That is the real word)

      • that is simply untrue. Frum people who suffer from this do not choose to be this way – they wish with all their heart and soul that they weren’t. It is not caused by their “misguided ideas” and the feeling part of it is NOT a choice, only how they act. And there are many, not “some”. It is a small minority of people, but given how large the frum community is b”h, that small minority consists of many, many people rachmana litzlan.

  6. KishkeFarfel,

    People self define themselves for a census ,so if they do so, Yes,they are sinners
    The rubric who you umbrella under is your grave responsibility
    At best, they are akin to people who voluntarily moved BACK to Spain to be a Marrano

    And If you have a long term problem with your Faith,
    Own up and avoid these use of foils

    Those who control their urges as they ought ,will merit
    Yeshaya 56:2-5

    They, fall under the rubric of Oness
    There have been several and/or possibly many, examples from the recent and bygone past ( e.g.the yishuv Hayashan’s public activist of 95 years ago)
    They should marry their shtender or give their ardor to public klal affairs

    (Be that as it may,The present rage of Epigenetics proves anyone change themselves difficult as it is if they wish it enough.
    “The greste k’fira in heintige tzeitin, is k’fira in bechira !”was said already decades ago

    The public,media, etc., need to and are attempting to shut down the whole debate now about whether anyone could change precisely because they’re fully aware how it will become public knowledge in a few years that it’s false in toto and anyone COULD change, of course!

    They’re goal is that by then ,it will already be too late and the debate will have indeed been shut)


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