“No Way In…’: Anti-Semite Omar Says She Will Not Attend Israeli President’s Upcoming Address To Joint Session Of Congress

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 On Wednesday, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) affirmed her decision not to attend the upcoming joint address to Congress by Israeli President Isaac Herzog, citing the ongoing tensions between the Israeli government and Palestine.

In a Twitter thread, Omar expressed her resolute stance, stating, “There is no way in …. I am attending the joint session address from a President whose country has banned me and denied @RashidaTlaib the ability to see her grandma.” She emphasized that it would be inappropriate for the United States to extend an invitation to a president representing a government that has barred her and her colleague, Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), from visiting their country.

“Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s address comes on behalf of the most right wing government in Israel’s history, at a time when the government is openly promising to ‘crush’ Palestinian hopes of statehood—essentially putting a nail in the coffin of peace and a two-state solution,” Omar said in her thread.

Omar also pointed out her previous opposition to extending an invitation for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s joint address to Congress last month, citing concerns about his government’s human rights record. In her thread, Omar concluded by asserting that while the United States can and should utilize diplomatic tools to engage with the Israeli government, granting the current government the honor of a joint televised address sends a profoundly inappropriate message at this critical juncture.

President Isaac Herzog, who assumed office in 2021, is scheduled to deliver his address at a joint meeting of Congress on July 19, coinciding with his visit to Washington, which commemorates the 75th anniversary of Israel’s founding. It is noteworthy that Herzog will be the second Israeli president to address Congress, following in the footsteps of his father, Chaim Herzog, who did so in November 1987.



  1. So there will less hot air in the room without her. She could rather sit when Putin or Szijen Ping Pong or Kim Jung ill speak! How about Assad or bin Laden Jr. get invited.

  2. That’s a great place for her…. gehennom

    No doubt about it, that’s where she’s ending up. Once she gets there, all the lawyers might want to get out of there considering how low it’s gone.

  3. Evil all through. Did not the jews in Israel just reattach the head of a palestinian. Maybe she is afraid God will reattach hers!


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