Nokia to Build Moon’s First 4G Cell Network for NASA Program

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Nokia says it has been tapped by NASA to build the first cellular communications network on the moon.

The Finnish telecommunications equipment maker said Monday its Nokia Bell Labs division will build a 4G communications system to be deployed on a lunar lander to the moon’s surface in late 2022.

NASA is awarding $370 million to 14 companies to provide technology for the Artemis moon-landing program. The program’s aim is to establish a long-term human presence on the moon as a warm-up for missions to Mars.

Nokia released more details of its involvement after an announcement last week by NASA, which said it was giving the company’s U.S. unit $14.1 million for the network. The U.S. space agency is also funding other innovations in cryogenic fluid management, lunar surface innovation, and descent and landing capability.

Nokia’s network will provide critical communications capabilities for tasks astronauts will need to carry out, like remote control of lunar rovers, real-time navigation and high-definition video streaming, the company said.

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  1. The 1969 moon landing was a proven hoax. You can’t go through extreme radiation of the Van Allen Belts with a lunar lander made out of cardboard and aluminum foil stuck together with Duck Tape. They’d needed 4 feet thickness of protection which made the trip impossible, especially with 1960’s technology.
    And who was holding the camera to film the lunar lander coming down? There’s no way they could have sent the live footage back from the moon.

    Whoever still believes the 1969 moon landing is a dunce.

    • What really happened at the Pentagon building on Sep. 11th? The story we are being told doesn’t add up. What is OUR government covering up and why?

      • It’s mainstream media that’s covering this and other stuff up, like they’ve been doing for decades. Why do you think intelligent people don’t follow fake news anymore and go to alternative news? My friends and I follow this site for Jewish news and to read the naive comments from fake news believers. Other Jewish sites have even more naive posters. If this site would not have a comments section, many wouldn’t bother coming here even for Jewish news.

        Why don’t you investigate what really happened on Sep 11 and who was from the first people executed in 2018? Do you expect fake news to tell you? Seriously.


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