Non-Vaccinators Blamed For Chicken Pox Outbreak Spreading In Williamsburg Frum Community

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The New York City Health Department is investigating an outbreak of chicken pox in the chassidishe community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

WABC reports that the outbreak is spreading in the local community and that 75 cases have been reported.

The patients range in age from infants to children up to ten years old. Officials say 72 percent of the patients had not been vaccinated against chicken pox.

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  1. Read the other news sites and they’ll tell plenty of the kids were immunized “according the schedule”. Such hysteria over narishkeit. How many of the readers here over the age of 20 had the chickenpox and it was no big deal. I guess there’s no ebola here so you have to make a big deal over nothing.

    • Poisonous toxins? What a unsubstantiated claim! People anaylize whats in vaccines and assume all the ingredients sound scary. But guess what if you analyzed everything you consume daily by its chemical name it would sound “scary” also! People like to fear what they don’t understand.

  2. Actually it is a big deal. Chicken pox is not a harmless. Around age sixty anyone who had chicken pox can develop shingles a painful and debilitating disease.

  3. Chicken pox might not be a big deal when caught at a young age, so missing this particular vaccine might not be the worst. The real problem is the state of mind that a typical anti-vacciner has: ignorance of science and medicine, blind belief in “natural-healing” quacks, ignorance of the human history prior to vaccines defeating the most dreadful killers. The saddest is when people die from a treatable cancer because they forwent a medical treatment in favor of some quack’s “natural healing”. Should you trust your doctor blindly without your own research and second opinions?-Of course not, especially not with politicization of medicine such as Obama Care’s death panels and a general culture of death prevalent in the liberal circles, but that doesn’t mean that “natural” quacks have any integrity when trying to talk gullible people out of life saving vaccines, antibiotics, other treatments.


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