North American Reform And Conservative Leaders Will Not Tolerate Any Changes In Egalitarian Kosel Plan

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Prominent North American Reform and Conservative leaders plan to visit Israel this month to personally notify Netanyahu that they will not tolerate any changes in the egalitarian Kosel approved in January for non-Orthodox prayer. The visit will coincide with the deadline Netanyahu set for dealing with the objections raised by chareidim against three elements of the plan that give legitimacy to the non-Orthodox streams of Judaism.

The chareidim want separate entrances to the regular and egalitarian Kosels, not one common entrance as called for in the plan; they object to Reform and Conservative representation on the board administering the egalitarian Kosel; and they do not want the alternative Kosel to get direct government funding.

Reform and Conservative leaders in Israel threatened to petition the Supreme Court for an egalitarian place at the main Kosel plaza if any changes are made to the plan.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Ignore them- Reform and Conservative are dying and they can’t even fill the area that Bennett already built for them to the cost of millions of shekels by the Israeli taxpayers!WOW will never use it anyway,because they want to provoke religious Jews ,and they can’t do that from the separate anti-Torah section.

  2. Garrulous acts.

    The worse of the joy of yiddishkeit is not hate for your father. Israel our father is not in any sense beloved by the people who refuse yiddishkeit and hate being told even in any sense that kosher diets and kosher living is important.

    This is so crass that any family that must be pushed into their circles is so horrified that no favor or friendship can be found in the very people we are in same family as Jews.

    Could we be seeing the future improving? I see the conservative and reform movements shrinking as Torah judaism grows. Thank the rabbonim, thank the internet and new media, thank the Heavens.

    This is so crass and I can not imagine how any society can exist with hate of G-d and human voice.


    The reform are the daring hate of the very father we love. Israel.

    And to think that they can continue their shenanigan is taking a close look at their leaders and their aging population. The young grow up without any insight of Torah and never even read a Jewish bible or discuss the right for family purity.

    The hate is endemic. This is a terror of any jew’s heart and soul.

    Clearly we must make kiruv a national priority and continue our prayers and davening considering that the wicked are even our own brothers and sisters in the case of those who hate Israel.

    Terrible and being a ba’al teshuvah, it is my life experience today to see that all whom I knew as a child are now intermarried, unorthodox, kosher-hate-cages of hate and the hive by which the reform synagogue exists is a terrible facet of hope against Torah.

    Time sees that kiruv works. But its not overnight that a reform jew sinner looking for pork and lobster finds his world must change directly by the fear of G-d. He is poisoned by the treif and his world is not jewish.

    What will we ever do in a future without G-ds laws? Clearly the reform think that they knew the right way. But they collapse as their hive is formatted in a lesser hope and a limited lifecycle.

    End the terror and pray daily. Daven and give charity. This can end.



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