North Korea Fires Missiles, Says South Korea Leader Would ‘Make Boiled Head of a Cow Laugh’

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North Korea rejected any new peace talks with South Korea and test-fired another round of missiles early Friday morning—the sixth such test in month—in reaction to continuing joint military drills by the South and the United States.

At the same time, Pyongyang issued a statement in reaction to a speech in which South Korean leader Moon Jae-in urged for the continuation of denuclearization talks between the countries. The statement said the idea of holding peace talks while the military exercises continue are enough to “make the boiled head of a cow laugh,” closing the door to a diplomatic solution. “We even question if his thought process is sound when he mentions ‘talks’ between North and South while playing out war scenarios that plan to destroy most of our armies in 90 days.” The statement said of Moon: “He truly is a shameless man.” Read more at BBC News.



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