North Korea Launches Three Ballistic Missiles as Biden Leaves Region

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North Korea launched three ballistic missiles toward the sea early Wednesday morning, South Korea’s military said. The missiles were launched off of North Korea’s eastern coast, according to a statement by South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, and came three days after American and South Korean leaders agreed to consider expanding military exercises in an effort to deter nuclear threats from the North.

The launch marks North Korea’s 17th missile test this year, and experts say the testing aims to modernize the country’s weapons arsenal and put pressure on rivals. U.S. and South Korean officials have warned that North Korea could soon conduct its first nuclear test in almost five years. Kim Jong Un said last month that he is prepared to expand his country’s arsenal of nuclear forces “at the fastest possible speed.” Read more at Politico.


  1. Biden should address the North Korean threat the same way he has addressed the Russian aggression toward Ukraine. Here’s what he should do:

    1) Biden should boast his forecasting prowess by giving us his daily predictions, and warning us that North Korea will likely conduct a nuclear test “any day now.” This is what he did when Russian forces were mobilizing and preparing to attack Ukraine. Biden is at the top of his game when he gives us these daily forecasts!

    2) Biden should display his bravery by publicly labeling Kim Jong-un a war criminal, just as he has done with Vladimir Putin. It takes guts to make those kind of pronouncements, but Biden has the courage to do it!

    3) He should see to it that no foreign country be permitted to supply North Korea’s neighboring countries with foreign military jets, just as he scuttled a plan to send Poland’s MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.

    If Biden does all of the above and sticks to the Biden doctrine, everything will be okay.

  2. Biden Leaves Region HA-HA-HA. He could’ve only left from one room to the other in his basement.


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