Norwegian Cruise Line To Offer Kosher Food For No Extra Fee On All Ships


Norwegian Cruise Line launched a new kosher menu for all passengers for no extra charge, on Tuesday. Furthermore, if there is a group of over 60 people, fresh kosher food will be cooked on board in a kosher kitchen.

“We are now setting a new standard in the global industry, and now kosher, rich and varied food will be part of the culinary experience we offer in all of our ships,” said Nick Wilkinson, vice president of Norwegian Cruise Line.

Passengers will be able to have kosher food on all cruises as long as they order them 30-days in advance. The meals will be under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union and catered by Borenstein Caterers.

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  1. In other news they will be hiring a mashgiach to ensure that everyone dresses tznius, no mixed swimming, daf yomi every day, 3 minyonim, and even a mikvah is in the plans. Non Gebrukts and cholov yisroel.

  2. A mikveh is not required as the NCL cruises seas with more than 40 seahs of water. Many shouts of man or woman overboard will subsequently go unheeded as it will be just a dip in the mikveh.

  3. I never had to pay extra for Kosher food. The sterling airline meals were more than satisfactory and included in the cost of the fare.


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