Not A Toy: Child Badly Injured After Falling From Hoverboard


A 6-year-old child fell from a hoverboard in Elad and was badly injured. Medical personal treated the child at the scene and transported her to hospital in severe condition

Emergency personnel who arrived on the scene treated the child and then transported her to Beilenson hospital in Petach Tikvah.

The child was transported while sedated and listed in severe condition.

Beilenson hospital released a statement, that the child is still in the trauma unit and is undergoing an initial assessment by doctors in order to diagnose her injuries, after which, she will then be transferred to the Schnider hospital for Children located in Petach Tikvha

In light of the accident involving the Hoverboard, CEO of the TEREM organization for the safety of children, Oraley Sibinger, reminded parents that hoverboards and segaways are only permitted for teens above the age of 16. Read more here.




  1. I saw a kid doing this in shul. Bad idea. The parent told me to mind my own business. 7 minutes later Haztola was called. The parent blamed me for the ayin horra.
    Not my business any more .

    • Please don’t let a single parent who acted like a fool dissuade you from saving someone else in the future.


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