Not for My Honor

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In a handwritten letter penned by the Vizhnitzer Rebbe Shlit’a he appeals to klal yisroel to participate in the fundraiser that is set to take place in the near future.

    “My dear brothers, I plead with you for assistance in the holy work that my forefathers began.  Beis Vizhnitz is relying on you to perpetuate the avoidas hakoidesh. Don’t do it for me. Do it for Hashem’s honor, Torah, Yiras Shamayim and Chassidus.  We must protect the chinuch of our children against today’s influences by building a protective wall around them. The children are so close to my heart and I praise those that will share my passion and help me in my mission.”

    The Rebbe then signs off ending with a promise:

    “My heart overflows with immense gratitude to those who open their hearts.  I will daven for you and your children you should merit to see nachas amidst peace, tranquility and financial abundance.  May you be spared the pain and challenges that face our generation.”

    These heartrending words are sure to penetrate the soul of every ehrlich yid as he comes to understand the crucial work the Rebbe is invested in.  He has undertaken a mission to save the next generation, to provide them with a safe haven against the threats of the outside world. He is left with no choice, but to establish a “Teivas Noach” against the tide that threatens to drown our dear children.

    The tens of thousands of Vizhnitz families and many others, who’ve been directly influenced by the Rebbe Shlit’a embrace the upcoming appeal with enthusiastic anticipation.  They extend their unconditional effort and support to help complete the Beis Vizhnitz edifice that will B’ezras Hashem be a world center for Torah and Chassidus.

    Beis Vizhnitz is not just a haven for the many affiliated chassidim of Vizhnitz.  Thousands of yiden from across every spectrum of Yiddishkeit consider Beis Viznitz a safe haven where they come for spiritual growth, intense tefillah and Torah learning.  At a series of special gatherings held in recent days, thousands have expressed their intense desire to assist in the fundraising campaign for this noble cause.



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