‘Not On My Watch’: South Dakota Governor Rejects Changing Mount Rushmore

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Mount Rushmore won’t face a revisionist reckoning anytime soon as statues of former Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson face renewed scrutiny, South Dakota’s governor said Wednesday.

Gov. Kristi Noem promised to protect the famed monument honoring Washington and Jefferson, as well as former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, amid calls to remove statues of Confederate generals nationwide.

“This is no longer about equality,” Noem told Fox News on Wednesday. “This is a rewriting of our history and in South Dakota we won’t stand for it.”

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  1. Somebody ought to tell the Governor that the sculptor who designed and oversaw the making of this monument was a card-carrying member of the KKK and he was a white supremicist, racist bigot. His name was Gutzon Borglum.

    • Interesting. I always knew that he was the designer, but wasn’t aware he was such a lowlife. A hypocrite too, apparently – a KKK member honoring Lincoln?

    • Yeh, like all democrats. The democrat party is the party of hate and bigotry.
      As far as who sculpted, do you know the background of the employees who built your home or Shul? Maybe they were virulent anti Semites? They probably were. So if they were, are you allowed to live there or daven there? If the mechanic fixing your car is an anti semite, are you allowed to drive? If an anti semite worker put up your eruv, are you allowed to carry? Are you suggesting that because a racist carved out the Presidents in rock, they should be torn down and re-done by a certified NON racist???

  2. And if he was in KKK. therefore you erase history? Are we to analyze and judge every individual from the past 100 years? The entire society was different and it worked much better than the corrupt society we live in today.

    BLM isn’t happy with anyone democrats or republicans. They are form the lower educated (I include many white people) and are clueless about history, current events or even civics (how the government works). These protests want to destroy the are way of living with elections and voting. Since Trump has been elected it has been constant temper tantrums demanding change to our society, only problem is the people elected by the people do not want those changes. These minority views must be put in their place for the better of us all.
    Enough with “systemic” racism charge, Obama was elected! all these “racist” cops are in democratic cities and states.
    Time to vote for civility not tantrums.

  3. Cool fond mountain. Who would ever suggest we are just disturbing the whole world of health?

    Mull it or just dream of good climbing. Someone just gets hurt.

  4. I just googled him. Interesting guy. He was a member of both the Freemasons and the Klan. He had racist views considering Nordic people (his father came from Denmark) superior.

    In spite of that he made another sculpture of Lincoln and named his son Lincoln.

    He was born a Mormon his first wife whom he eventually divorced was 19 older than him and also an artist.


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