Not Russia: Murdered DNC Staffer Was Wikileaks’ source, Assange Admits

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In July, a Democratic National Committee staffer named Seth Rich was gunned down in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of northwest D.C. The police said his murder may have been the result of a robbery.

Now, however, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is saying there is more to the story.

Gateway Pundit and CT Newspaper report that in an interview with a Dutch media outlet known as Nieuwsuur on Tuesday, Assange admitted that Rich, a staffer in the voter data department of the DNC, was Wikileak’s source within the organization.

In recent weeks, Wikileaks has released a torrent of information from inside the DNC — from emails to memos to voicemails — that has resulted in the resignation of top party officials, including Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. According to Assange, Rich arranged a large portion of this information.

After Rich’s murder, Assange announced that Wikileaks was offering a $20,000 reward for anyone who could provide information leading to an arrest and conviction in Rich’s murder case.

CT Newspaper says that Assange’s interview with Nieuwsuur on Tuesday was the first time that the Wikileaks founder ever revealed one of their sources.



  1. Assange has every incentive to lie because he has been tainted by his association with Putin and his hostility to the free world including the US. Furthermore we know for certain that Russian hackers did indeed hack the DNC computers. This should be given the same credence as a news story from Pravda.

  2. This is false reporting. If you look at the interview itself, Assange kind of suggests or hints that Rich was a source but when directly confronted with the question, “was he one of your sources?” he answers “We don’t comment on who our sources are”. Then when reporter said “it’s quite something to suggest a murder”, Assange says “We are investigating to understand what happened… There’s not a conclusion yet…”

  3. Wow! The DNC really doesn’t play games.
    I hope the Donald hires his own security detail and doesn’t only rely on the Secret Service.

  4. Obviously Clinto machine had him eliminated, being that they have a long history of these types of things. What’s even scarier and more troubling, is that the FBI is so deeply in Clinton’s corner that they blamed this on the Russians.

  5. Let’s say that Asante lied how about his father who said he was gonna meet with the fbi is he lying as well? Where is the media interest in finding out what this is about do you think if this were tied to trump it would be kept so quiet by the ( un biased) media


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