Note: Bottled Water, Eggs on Pesach

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In reponse to various questions that have arisen before and during Pesach, wishes to inform readers that all unflavored bottled water, seltzer and sparkling water without any additives are kosher l’Pesach, even without any kashrus supervision.

This has been confirmed by with the Orthodox Union and other kashrus agencies.

The above applies only to unflavored varieties, as mentioned.

In addition, whole eggs in their shell may be used without special Pesach certification.



  1. However, eggs should be looked at before we boil them, lest a kernel of wheat may have remained attached to the shell (it can happen, especially in organic / free range farms). Eggs may be washed but be sure to do so only immediately before we crack them open or boil them, else they spoil and are dangerous to health. Pesach Sameach.

  2. This is good news. You can add unflavored coffee to that mix. There is no reason to be a guillibe fool and pay triple the price in some price gouging store just to get water or coffee that has some heimishe hechsher slapped on, on top of the regular OU.

  3. Many store brand waters HAVE additives which are kitniyos including Kirkland (Costco), Target, and CVS brand purified waters

  4. I recall somewhere “maybe Rabbi Blumenkrantz” that eggs are washed with a solution that may have some concern, so it’s best to buy all eggs before Pesach so the minimal residue left can become botel. Anybody know anything about this? Thanks.

  5. You might say to yourself “what could be wrong with water?”; however, water that has additives can be kittnius. It’s important to stay educated, and not just assume things are fine.
    Chag kosher vsamach

  6. What a crazy world that people can question whether a chicken egg can be eaten without a hechsher!
    Can one breathe in air thru his mouth on pesach without the air having a hechsher??

  7. what about if the water is made and bottled in the same plant that they make FLAVORED water – doesn’t it apply if the machines are boiled and KASHERED in between?

    • There’s no problem whatsoever with that! if you would have any idea how these companies actually work, you wouldn’t even say something like that.

      The fact on the ground remains that water without any additives does not require special KFP certification.

  8. Total narishkeit!

    if you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation, please don’t add it. You are making things up and you’re causing people agmas nefesh for no reason whatsoever.

  9. any seltzer is potentially problematic. From the cRc
    Of the kashrus agencies we conferred with, we found that many chose to take a strict approach and not allow carbon dioxide from chametz or even kitnios (but they took varying approaches to verifying the source of the carbon dioxide)8 but others came to the conclusion outlined above that one may be lenient nowadays. Due to the (commendable) strictness with which people traditionally treat questions of chametz, the cRc only certifies seltzer or soda after verifying that the carbon dioxide is not recovered from chametz (but does accept it from kitnios sources). While this may not be required on strict halachic grounds, it is within the spirit of חומרא דפסח to be machmir on this matter.

    • So if you eat chometz before sof zman achila and you greptz from that three hours later, are you oyvir anything?

      CO2 is AIR!

      Plain unflavored Seltzer doesn’t need KFP hashgocha.

  10. Kashrus pro,
    You really know little about kashrus. You remind me of the person who buys a food product that had no hashgocho symbol because she read the label and (she didn’t think) there wasn’t anything in it that was not kosher.

  11. Kashrus pro?!!!? The problem with this forum is that anyone can pose themselves as whom ever they want, and people actually believe their words. A small price of advice- Don’t believe everything you hear.

  12. In many country’s seltzer is carbonated from the co2 produced in a beer factory… Beware in such cases it’s very very problematic!


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