Notorious British Antisemite and Holocaust Denier Banned From France Until 2059

Washington Post photo by Luisa Beck
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A notorious British antisemite and Holocaust denier has been banned from entering France for the next 40 years.

According to The Jewish Chronicle, Alison Chabloz was stopped from boarding a train to Paris on Monday.

In a Twitter post, she claimed to have been “banned from entering France until 2059.”

“My passport bleeped,” she said. “Questioned first by gendarmes and then Met CTU [Counter Terrorism Unit] under Sec 7 at St Pancras,” an apparent reference to an anti-terrorism law that permits officials to block entry to France by criminals and terrorists.

Chabloz was sentenced in June 2018 to 20 weeks’ imprisonment, which was suspended for two years.

Using her YouTube channel, Chabloz produced content including speeches by Holocaust deniers and Palestinian solidarity videos, alongside a selection of openly antisemitic songs sung to the camera.

In one song, “(((Survivors))),” Chabloz mimicked a “Jewish” accent while singing lyrics that defamed the survivors of the Nazi death camps as liars motivated by financial gain.

The judge, John Zani, said to Chabloz at the sentencing, “It appears to this court that no proper remorse is forthcoming from you.”

“I don’t know whether you want to be a martyr to your cause,” he added. “Only time will tell. This sentence will test your resolve.”

The Jewish advocacy group Campaign Against Antisemitism called Chabloz “a remorseless and repulsive antisemite who has spent years obsessively inciting others to hate Jews, principally by claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by Jews to defraud the world.”

At an appeal hearing in February of this year, the judge called Chabloz “manifestly antisemitic and obsessed with what she perceives to be the wrongdoing of Jews.”

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