Novominsker Rebbe Calls On Public to Help Kallah Whose Wedding Plans This Week Were Devastated By Fire

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-Communicated- This appeal is endorsed by prominent Rabbonim.        

A terrifying fire has made one family’s difficult circumstance even more dire.   During the past Succos Yom Tov a serious fire broke out on 49th St in Boro Park devastating the full interior apartment of a young kallah still living with her parents.  Fire began in a neighbor’s succah and quickly spread to the kallah’s home. Fire, smoke and water damage have destroyed everything that was purchased in preparation for the wedding including the kallah’s gown, veil, sheitel, clothing for sheva brachos, housewares and other household items for the kallah’s new home. The family, who was already struggling to make ends meet, is now homeless and facing terrible and frightening financial circumstances.


They are making a wedding THIS WEEK and have no place to rest their heads and no means to replace the precious items that were lost in the fire. Please help this young kallah get to her chuppah and set-up her new home with dignity and menuchas hanefesh.

Funds are critical & we are asking everyone to participate & contribute as generous as possible towards this time sensitive situation of Hachnosas Kallah and Hachzakas Talmid Chacham. Please email for any necessary further details required for helping the family.


May you & your family feel the presence of Hashem in your day-to-day life, & experience His everlasting gifts always.

May the Kallah merit to start her new life and build a bayis ne’eman b’Yisroel.

The Poverty Relief Vaad,

Rabbi Yaakov Perlow,                                                            

Novominsker Rebbe & Rosh of the Agudath Israel of America

Rabbi Chaim Eluzer Friedman,                                                

Av Beis Din of Khal Tenka

Rabbi Eliezer Eichler,                                                    

Rav of Boyaner Kehilos in NY


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