NPGS: A Torahdike Supermarket

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npgs[Photos below.] What makes a supermarket special? There can be any number of things, say shoppers. For some, it is the prices of items. For others, it is parking and convenience. For yet others, it is quality and service.

In the town of Lakewood, the NPGS supermarket, otherwise known as the Co-op, has distinguished itself as well for its kashrus and high standards.

NPGS, owned by R’ Zeev Rothchild, has two branches, one on Main Street in Lakewood and a larger, more comprehensive store in Jackson, NJ, right out of Lakewood.

The store on Main Street suffered a terrible fire a few years ago that burnt the former building down to the ground. In what was called ‘an amazing feat’ by many at the time, a 13,500 square-foot tent/store was rebuilt in about 5 weeks and was up and running a week later. That tent, with some enhancements and modifications, is still standing and serves the thousands of customers that visit the store each week. That branch of NPGS is scheduled to move at some point to a new, updated building currently being constructed on James Street.

The Jackson store is one of the largest kosher supermarkets in the world, and features numerous specialty departments.

The common denominator is that NPGS stores have distinguished themselves for their standards.

“It has been said that while a shopper always has to check products for kashrus symbols and supervision, when shopping in NPGS, one can basically assume that every product is reliable,” one shopper told

Unique about NPGS, as can be seen in photos below, is that products that are yoshon or are not yoshon are often clearly marked to help the customers. Likewise, a copy of Rabbi Yoseph Herman’s “Guide to Chodosh” can be found hanging in one of the aisles for customers to use to check up the yoshon status of products.

“It is things like that that make NPGS unique,” said a Lakewood resident. “It is a ‘Torahdike‘ supermarket if there is such a phrase.”

NPGS is also popular based on the fact that, according to shoppers we spoke to, it features the lowest prices on food products in all of Lakewood.

For photos of the yoshon designations and Guide to Chodosh booklet at NPGS, see below:

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  1. In order for a shop to be a ‘Torahdike‘ supermarket, they should dedicate certain hours for men and women alone. That would set the real ‘Torahdike‘ supermarket standard and would be a great Kiddush HaShem.

  2. Do check all your labels. Some well meaning person might have restocked chometz on a Pesachdik shelf without realizing.

    And to just a note: I thought the co op – at least the Lakewood one – does have separate hours. Do you mean exclusively?

  3. Why do they need sush an extensive “nosh” section which is draining the yungerleit & making a churban of the kinderlach R”L.

  4. the same way pomagranite customers prefer great tasting, fresh, and creative foods, so to Lakewood customers want products that they find to be of the highest kashrus standrards at a great price.
    It’s all about the consumer’s preferences.

  5. With all due respect to #2 specials aside (when some stores may even lose money on item, if you compare to shopping orders NPGS will deginitely be cheaper. Thank you Reb Zeev and Reb Sender!

  6. To #2 – learn some English spelling & grammar

    NPGS serves a clientele from all over NJ & PA; Kol hakavod to the owner for the exhaustive selection of goods; As for “nosh,” the yugerleit have free will not to buy. Nobody is putting a gun to their head to buy 10 different brands of chips; Perhaps the old days were better with just a few hard candies, a bar of chocolate and some macaroons; we’ve spoiled the younger generation;

  7. Mordy Sender is the most unbelievable , talented, and entertaining store manager. He is what keeps the crowds coming…

    From A Close Friend “”MORDECHAI, THE REBBEE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!

  9. the co-op is no longer a Non Profit Grocery Store. when it was in its first years they were in a very small place and they only had separate mens and ladies hours. thanx so much rabbi sender, from a neighbor

  10. i am surprized of all the chanifah
    would like to know how much they paid for this advertizment and how much did they pay the people to send there comment

  11. sender dolgin is a mench and sits and learn the whole day
    and runs with all the money to the bank
    every day you can see him with the big smile on his face
    because evreything is leschem shomaim
    N one P rofit G rocery S tore
    we should change the name to
    leschem schomaim toiredig SUPER STORE

  12. Efraim dahari is the best manger in npgs bce he’s sweet to the costumes and he’s smart he’s the man efi ur the best

  13. Why does it matter if the store does or doesn’t make a profit. Everyone is entitled to profit/income. Think about what is important. For me, the prices are great, they people there always treat me very well. I come a long distance to shop here and they “always” have everything I need. I’m not ultra orthodox, however I keep a strictly kosher home and truly appreciate the fact that I can come here and shop, and supply my home with everything I need (and more) and without having to look at each label for a kashrut symbol. Thank you all. In my opinion your doing a fabulous job.

  14. It was filthy and falling apart inside
    Rusty and damaged food cases, food all over the floor and ceiling tiles wet and falling into the food cases. The entrance was a pigstie . Kosher at this place certainly does not have any reference to clean


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