NSA Infiltrates Via Radio Waves

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nsaJust when you thought the National Security Agency couldn’t seem more like a bad spy movie, The New York Times reports that the beleaguered government agency has been using secret technology to enter and alter data in personal computers overseas.

Relying on a channel of radio waves that can be transmitted from circuit boards and USB cards secretly inserted into computers, agents can collect surveillance miles from their targets.

The NSA claims that the radio wave surveillance is “active defense,” rather than an attack on others. The Timesreports there’s no evidence that such surveillance has been used domestically. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. wake up & smell the coffee…

    i wish you Hatzlacha if theres any hope.
    This country is just going to collapse-step by step-just like greece & other countries, and i’m watching it happen as things go from worse to horrific R”L. ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME before all our rights & freedoms will be taken away from us (rather religious laws or freedom etc…) soon the USA will be a communist country just like China. soon the USA will be shut for good as they go more into dept & its dept keeps growing.

    That’s right, all our rights & freedoms will be taken away one by one, from metziza b’peh to sugary drinks etc… & soon we will not be able to live as free yidden R”L.

    there is only one way to save yourself now, GO TO ERETZ YISROEL & save yourself before its too late, there are many programs to assist anyone that makes aliya,-from the minute you get off the plane with nefesh b’nefesh all the way down to housing & wic etc…-sorry but if you think i’m breslev or a Zionist your making a big mistake. trust me for your sake & save yourself before its too late, many people before WWII stayed in Germany for many reasons (values or family or too comfortable there etc…) & look what happened cause they didn’t listen to the gedolim who said flee to Israel or the USA.

    May we all be in Yerushalyim ASAP with mashiach

  2. #1: No thanks. Eretz Yisroel at this stage of the game, is worse than the US in most of the areas you discuss in your tirade.

  3. eretz yisroel is not worse. nikudah.
    there may be problems with the frei tziyoni gvmnt. but please dont talk about my country that way. dont refer to eretz yisroel in a negative way. there is an issur of lashon hara on eretz yisroel, dont forget

  4. With all due respect “Anonymous” was referring to the Israeli government which is MUCH worse than the American, he was not referring to Holy Land which is in mourning over the infiltration of these reshoim into its space. The confusion of the two,to identify Eretz Yisroel with those reshoim is MUCH worse Loshon Hara.
    Nekuda. Exclamation mark.


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