NUTS: MTA Bailed Out Ski Centers While Subway’s in Disrepair


New York’s troubled Metropolitan Transportation Authority paid nearly $5 million to three upstate ski centers, the New York Daily News reports. The MTA, a cash-strapped state agency, bailed out the three upstate ski centers during their summer months instead of using the funds for critical repairs on New York City subways.

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently declared the subways to be in a “state of emergency” due to their increasing derailments, delays, and general state of disrepair. On Monday, MTA Chair Joe Lhota told commuters to leave for work early to accommodate for delays. Read more at THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.



  1. Why is this nuts? The heads of the MTA and their friends use the ski centers much more than they use the subways. This always happens when unaccountable “elites” are in charge of something.

    Saddle them with personal responsibility for malfeasance and misfeasance and things would be different. But that won’t happen, because the people in charge of supervising them are afraid that the same responsibilities would apply to them.

    Ultimately, a one-party government => a banana republic.

  2. Fake news. If you read the Daily News article,the MTA owed the funds to New York State, and the State owed money to the Public Authority operating the ski centers. The State therefore requested the MTA to make the payment directly to the upstate
    Public Authority. Poor accounting and internal control practice,and the reason the transaction was handled this way should be further investigated, but the snippet posted by Matzav is just sensationalist journalism.

  3. Once again Fake News!
    The MTA bailed out nobody. Read the article and pay attention to the details. MTA owed the State $4.9M. State was supposed to give money to the resorts. So MTA was directed to send the money to the resorts and in doing so was paying its debt to the State.
    Fake News!


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