NY City Council Bill Would Cap Minimum Credit-Card Purchase Amounts At $10

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Pull out the plastic — a new bill in the City Council would ban businesses from imposing credit card minimums higher than $10, the NY Daily News is reporting.
Councilman Ritchie Torres is pushing the bill, aiming to eliminate a hassle faced by patrons at some businesses that impose minimums of $15 to $20 or more before they’ll let customers charge a purchase. “There’s a growing reliance on credit cards, and we should have minimums that reflect that,” said Torres (D-Bronx), who will introduce the bill Thursday with Councilman Andrew Cohen (D-Bronx).
Businesses often impose a minimum because it costs them money to accept credit or debit cards — often about 2% of the sale, plus a flat fee of a dime or so for each transaction. Federal law gives businesses the right to impose a $10 minimum, so the city could not set the number any lower than that.


  1. Once again government getting involved in private business. Why should businesses be told what and what not to charge . If you don’t like it shop elsewhere but why get involved .

  2. A business is not obligated to have a credit card machine so if they have a machine why be obligated to aaccept CC at $10?

  3. Instead of the gvt penalizing businesses why dont they penalize the credit card giants by making them reduce their fee for purchases under $20..
    CC companies can afford the hit much more than these businesses trying to build themselves and succeed!


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