NY Daily News Continues Its Immature Approach to Trump With Latest “Lice” Cover

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A ridiculous and immature poll released Tuesday and published by the New York Daily News – whose hatred for Donald Trump is the worst kept secret – claimed to show that Americans found the presumptive Republican nominee “more stomach-churning” than the even some of the most repulsive things in the world, including lice, jury duty, root canals, traffic jams, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Read more about this poll at the Daily News and have a look at the News’ cover above.



  1. It is Trump who is immature. He deserves all the ridicule that the Daily News gives him. And shame on Matzav for defending such a person.

  2. Daily news has long absolutely loved the Clintons, and hated Trump way before his announcement to run. Zuckerman for whatever reason despises Trump

  3. It’s hard to be mature when discussing a candidate who has all the gravitas of a helium balloon in a thunderstorm.

  4. Charlie,

    Perfect, now we can have open season and ridicule you. Immature? Like the way you disdainfully vent upon Jews who disagree with your knee-jerk liberal views?

  5. Trump doesn’t deserve any respect. But out of respect for ones self and society there are limits to how crass and boorish you can refer to him. Particular in writing.

  6. Good going, Daily News.

    When Trump ‘says it how it is’, he gets praise from his admirers. When others talk about the idiotic buffoon and ‘say it how it is’, all of a sudden, it’s immature, huh?

  7. “Like the way you disdainfully vent upon Jews who disagree with your knee-jerk liberal views?”

    I have never suggested that the United States default on its debt. Trump has done so, and doubled down on that.

    I have never questioned that neo-Nazis and other white supremacists are beyond the pale. Trump lied when he claimed he didn’t know who David Duke was and then he lied again that he didn’t realize that one of his California convention delegate candidates was a white supremacist.

    I have never abused bankruptcy or eminent domain laws to enrich my own pocketbooks at the expense of others. Trump has.

    I have never suggested that Israel should be forced to return the aid it has received from the US. Trump has.

    And this list does not begin to deal with the fact that Trump is completely non-transparent regarding his finances and business dealings, that his foreign policy advisers are inexperienced isolationists, that he refuses to make serious policy proposals, and that what little in the way of policy proposals that the one thing that he has proposed, a massive tax cut for himself and his wealthy friends, would more than double the national debt.

    If it is “knee-jerk liberal” to oppose this, I am proudly guilty. Now can someone tell me how Trump’s life is consistent with Jewish values?

  8. Charlie,

    You sad mah-yofis. The political blather you just spewed did not answer the way you so disdainfully vent upon fellow Jews. You deserve the same ridicule you wish upon others!


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