NY ‘Daily News’ Slams GOP on San Bernardino

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ny daily newsThe New York Daily News came out swinging against Republican presidential candidates who suggested that people pray for the victims of the San Bernadino mass shooting, without actually taking any legislative action.

The headline that will run with the story Thursday morning reads: “God Isn’t Fixing This” and includes tweets from Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Lindsey Graham.

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  1. Of course He’s not; Obama is the Mr. Fix-it-all. He campaigned on it and he’s not bragging how he’s fixed the world!

  2. your right god isn’t fixing this, as god is causing these madman-some say Islamic terrorists-to do what they are doing. and yes we should prey with everything we’ve got.

  3. One of the Mispallalim at the Beis Medrosh Emunas Yisroel in Boro Park told me that they have degrading nick-names for the names of the three wicked main newspapers in New York City: The New York Times – The New York TUMAS; The New York Post – The New York PRUST; The New York Daily News – The New York Daily Z’NUS. The Jewish strong conservative radio talk show host, Marc Levine, has a really good one of his own: The New York Times – The New York SLIMES!

  4. If the efficacy of prayer is bidei Shamayim, then how could Rebbe Meir use prayer to affect the yiras Shamayim of those who were harassing him? Ay, ha’kol bidei Shamayim CHUTZ mi’yiras Shamayim! (Hard to believe the Daily News doesn’t know this proof.)

  5. They want to know where G-d was??? I’ll tell you.

    G-d was helping to make sure they muslims only hit 50% of their targets. G-d was also dealing with that triple pipe bomb they left behind to be detonated remotely, as soon as first responders arrived. Had that gone off, the casualties would have jumped SIGNIFICANTLY!


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