NY Legislators Say No Wine In Grocery Stores


wineWhere you see beer, you usually see wine but you won’t find wine on grocery store shelves in New York State any time soon. Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislators rejected the proposal to put wine into grocery stores.

Although some grocery store owners have lobbied for this, others including storeowner Frank Budwey said it would hurt the economy, especially in Western New York.

“I really don’t want to see wine in supermarkets. If that happens we’re going to put out the more than 2,000 liquor stores they need that product or they’re not going to be able to stay in business. They can’t put meat, produce and bakery in their stores. I’m a little guy. I’m for the little guys,” Budwey said.

Budwey considers his grocery store a “mom and pop” establishment so he said he feels for the small business owners. Other local owners like Abdul Hassain said this change could only help generate revenue for the state.

“When they come in to buy liquor they will buy chips, cigarettes candy. It’s good for business. It may hurt somebody else but it’s good for us,” Hassain said.

Many people said it’s a matter of having the wine right at the consumer’s fingertips.

“It’s all about convenience, whatever is convenient for them,” consumer Charles Joost said.

Some locals don’t feel strongly either way but they do say in anyone who sells alcohol must strictly follow the rules.

“It really doesn’t make much difference to me as long as they carded the people buying it and we had the same safeguards against kids buying it,” consumer Lyne Copeland said.

Those legislators rejecting the bill said it would promote underage drinking. They also said it will not only close liquor stores but it will stunt the growth of small wineries.

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  1. what about the catskills walmart, i have been buying my wine there for years. I am very confused about this article.


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