NY Post Stands Up for Modest Dress in Chassidic Williamsburg


williamsburgThe following editorial appears in the New York Post:

Is City Hall about to take action against the dress codes at Manhattan’s top-flight restaurants?

Of course not. And that only underscores the hypocrisy that all too often animates this administration. Because the city is going after Hasidic-owned store-owners who ask their patrons to dress modestly.

The city’s Commission on Human Rights has cited seven small stores in the Hasidic section of Williamsburg for discrimination. Their offense? Posting signs that read: “No Shorts, No Barefoot, No Sleeveless, No Low Cut Necklines Allowed in the Store.” Which is no different than restaurants requiring men to wear a jacket and tie – or a pizzeria posting a sign reading “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

 J.C. RiceThe dress code sign on a Lee Avenue pharmacy

The city disagrees, and is suing the shops. Cliff Mulqueen, the commission’s general counsel, explained to The Jewish Week that while “dress codes are OK . . . telling someone they have to abide by certain rules of the Jewish faith crosses the line into [establishing] a protected class.”

But again, that’s not what the signs say. And the city hasn’t found a single person refused service because of his attire.

Here’s the operative distinction: Anyone turned away from these stores for his or her dress can change clothes and be admitted. Anyone denied service because of his or her race, religion or gender can’t do that.

The commission took action after The Post first reported the signs last July. At the time, a top official of the city Law Department said the signs appeared to be OK.

The good news is that the case has now attracted the attention and support of a top law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, which is representing the shop-owners pro bono. Notably, the firm is citing important First Amendment religious-liberty issues.

The city would do us all a favor if it limited its authorities to fighting genuine discrimination under the law – not inventing it where it doesn’t exist.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It is very obvious that the core foundation of torah is under attack by the very people we try to nuzzle up to at every oportunity. With all the good that many of our askanim appear to do, they often publicly try to rub shoulders with many of the same people who are trying to undermind the foundation of our very exsistance. Every and anyone tries to shake the hand of the “BIG” people and perhaps they will even be “ZOCHE” to get their picture in the paper with the “BIG PERSON”. Da’as torah on this subject is very clear, (Morienu Reb Chaim shlita and prior to him many real gedolay hador, not just talmidei chachomim) Any performance of mitzvos that do not comply completely with the halacha or hashkafas hatorah is not considred of value. For example;It is known that learning torah in a location that is not proper (bad smells, non tznius women etc.) or at the wrong time, (during chazoras ha’shatz etc.) is wrong. A person doing that may become a bigger talmid chocom, however the shomayim does not give any credit for that, and not only is there no reward, the opposite is true. In previous generations askanim were hand picked by the gedolay hador of that generation. If someone tried to present himself as an askan for the tzibur they would be told to please allow the hand picked askanim to do their work. This way the gedolay hador could be sure that the needs of the klal were met according to ratzon Hashem. Once that was done properly , they can then tell Hakadosh Boruch Hu, “we did ours, please ensure our success”. However, if the askan is doing things based upon what he thinks is correct, who says he has fulfilled Ratzon Hashem, often the opposite may be true. May I suggest then, that all this trying to be friends with the “TOP COPS or POLITICIANS” be left to those that were appointed to do so. (By the way, these politicians know who is for real and who is not, and they have a hearty laugh at those small wannabee askanim. And all this is on the expense of the appointed askanim and klal yisroel.

  2. Hooray for these attorneys! True upstanding citizens!
    The city never sued sharpton (lower case intended) for his shinanigans and destruction of Freddy’s calling them ‘white interlopers’ and that wasn’t discrimination. Neither was the final blow – putting them out of business indefinitely. NOW, when upstanding citizens exercise their legal rights inder OUR constitution, the city is suing. MBP is not much different.


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