NY Shuls To Start Paying For Trash Pickup Under Bloomberg Proposal


bialystoker-shulNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to charge religious institutions and nonprofit organizations a fee for garbage pickup beginning in July 2012 drew stiff opposition at a City Council hearing Thursday.

Council Member Fernando Cabrera, a Bronx Democrat who is also a church pastor, denounced the proposal as an unfair burden.

He estimated that the fee, if imposed, could cause 10% of religious institutions citywide to close, though he acknowledged the estimate was a ballpark figure. The details of the plan have yet to be released, preventing a scientific analysis.

Mr. Cabrera said donations to religious institutions citywide have decreased significantly in recent years, and any additional financial burden could lead to the collapse of those that are operating at the margins.

Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty testified Thursday that his department has proposed instituting a fee on all nonresidential entities that currently receive sanitation services free of charge.

The city estimates the fee would generate $17.2 million annually in new revenue. Mr. Doherty described the proposal as “very preliminary” and said the department has a “tremendous amount of work” to do before it returns to the council with a more formal proposal.

{The Wall Street Journal/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. These institutions are tax exempt. They are still serviced by the police and fire depatments; their streets are cleaned and plowed at no cost. I think that it’s a reasonable request as long as the charge is in line with private carting companies’ service.

  2. Where I live, out od town, all non residential proerties pay for their private pick-ups. Stores as well as shuls, schools, and any other institution.


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