NY: Subway Announcements Finally Getting Clearer


mta-subwayNew York – Subway announcements are finally getting better, according to a new survey released yesterday.

For the first time since 1997, the vast majority of subway announcements were rated “clear” and “accurate,” the Straphangers Campaign found in its annual survey.

In 59 percent of the time, the subway conductor made accurate and clear announcements for delays and disruptions between January and April.

The line with the worst announcements was the R train, according to the survey.

That line scored a 56 percent.

The 7 train also fared badly, with only 64 percent of announcements rated clear and accurate.

The line with the clearest and most accurate announcements was the 4, which had a 100 percent rating in the survey.

Four lines — the L/N/Q and 6 – tied for second with a 99 percent rating.

The M and the 2 train tied for third.

Although the MTA’s policy requires immediate announcements whenever there is a delay – followed by another one within two minutes – the survey found that announcements were not made at all 14 percent of the time.

Three percent were garbled and 24 percent were incorrect.

The results are an improvement over previous years.

Last year only 51 percent of announcements were rated clear and accurate, while no announcement was made 22 percent of the time.

Less than half of announcements – 40 percent – got good ratings for clarity in 2010.

The MTA said in a statement, “We continue to see improvements as the average age of our trains continues to decrease. Customers will see further improvements once we start taking delivery of the more than 300 new cars on order starting next year.”


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