NY Times Features Photo Of Perpetrator’s Family For Story On Murder Of IDF Soldier

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ny-times-palestinianThe New York Times was criticized by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) for leading with an Associated Press photo of relatives of the Palestinian terrorist suspected of killing 19-year-old Israeli soldier Eden Atias in its coverage on the recent murder.

“CAMERA has urged New York Times Foreign Editor Joseph Kahn to explain the very troubling decision to exclude photos of the distraught family of Eden Atias-of the mother and family members weeping over the coffin of the murdered teenager-in favor of a strikingly sympathetic image of the mother of the perpetrator,” CAMERA Executive Director Andrea Levin told JNS.org.

CAMERA has published a six-month study of New York Times reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict that says the newspaper has a “clear bias for the Palestinian narrative.”

“The New York Times’ biased editorial policy pervades every aspect of its news coverage,” CAMERA Senior Analyst Ricki Hollander told JNS.org.


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  1. A newspaper is not a judge or a jury, it is a business. It is trying to entertain and interest its readers. They know what pictures their readers find interesting. Let’s be happy if they get the facts right. Let us not expect their sympathy. They and most of their readers do not like Israel. There is nothing to do about it, kvetching will certainly not help. Klal Yisroel will survive without their sympathy lets not get too worked up about it.


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