NY Times Justifies Rock Throwing By Palestinian Youth: “An Indelible Icon”

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arab-stone-rockMuhammad Abu Hashem, 17, was sleeping in a sleeveless undershirt when the Israeli soldiers stormed into his home here at 4 a.m. on the second Monday in July.

It was Muhammad’s fourth arrest in three years for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers and settlers. His five brothers – three older and two younger – have all faced similar charges. Last year, three Abu Hashem boys, and their father, were in prison at the same time.

“Children have hobbies, and my hobby is throwing stones,” Muhammad explained weeks before his most recent arrest. “A day with a confrontation is better than a free day.”

As Israeli and Palestinian negotiators resumed peace talks last week in Washington, the stone throwers of Beit Ommar are a reminder of the abiding tensions that animate relations between the two peoples that would populate the imagined two states living side by side.

Youths hurling stones has long been the indelible icon – some call it a caricature – of Palestinian pushback against Israel.

Read more of this one-sided, skewed, NY Times report here.

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  1. They said it HAS BEEN and not that is ACTUALLY IS IN THEIR OPINION an “indelible icon”. This means that the society they live in is corrupted to think so and not that the paper is endorsing the issue. (from what I have read above). Thanks for another Matzav pickle.

  2. I am no lover of the NYT but the article is intended to give the view of the stone thrower. It also points at the difficulty for normal Israelis to even buy pizza without being attacked. And it specifically mentions that the stone thrower likes to steal apricots from the settlement WHICH HE VIEWS AS STOLEN LAND. (emphasis added). If we all we have to live with is stones we will be very lucky. Unfortunately 298 Israelis were killed in auto accidents in 2012. That is something to really worry about.

  3. #2,

    It most certainly is skewed. Throwing stones is forgivable? Worse, acceptable? No, worse, respectful and admirable?

    Yes, in Sedom it was.
    Yes, the Sedomites considered themselves to be moral.
    As do you. You also consider yourself to be moral. And that’s skewed morality.

    You are far from moral. As is the NYT.

    Oh, yeah. What does auto accidents have to do with this?

    [One more thing. The Arabs have failed miserably in ever growing proper produce, in OUR land. Wonder why? Wonder what happened to the $14,000,000 gift American Jews gave the Arabs – the Gush Katif greenhouses?

    Is it “their” land? Nope, it’s OUR land. And OUR land does not accept its enemies.]


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