NY Times Tribute to Rabbi Ben Zion Shenker z”l


The New York Times devoted significant space in its edition yesterday to a tribute article about the legendary composer Rabbi Ben Zion Shenker z”l, “whose music,” the Times said, “flavored the religious life of Orthodox Jews and influenced popular klezmer bands.”

The Time says that “his death was confirmed by Sruly Fischer, the husband of one of his granddaughters, who said Rabbi Shenker had a heart ailment.”

The Times relates that “Rabbi Shenker’s most widely heard compositions are the melodies for “Eshes Hayil” (“Woman of Valor”), sung at dinner tables after sundown to welcome the arrival of the Sabbath, and for the 23rd Psalm, “Mizmor L’David” (“A Psalm of David”), sung at the last meal of the Sabbath. His “Yasis Alayich” (“Rejoice Over Thee”) is played at most Hasidic weddings.”

Read the full Times tribute here.




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