NY Times Touts Senator Schumer’s Treife Recipe for Pork Meatloaf

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By Ira Stoll

The New York Times food section is touting Senator Charles Schumer’s recipe for “a meatloaf of beef, veal and pork surrounded by pieces of barbecued chicken.”

The front page of the newspaper’s food section features an article praising a new cookbook by two Times staffers, Frank Bruni and Jennifer Steinhauer, as “a comprehensive and compelling collection of 49 recipes for meatloaf.”

If anyone at the Times wondered even for a second why a Jewish senator would be promoting a recipe for a dish that violates the dietary laws of the Jewish religion, it’s not evident from the story, which portrays the recipe as somehow a perfect fit for the senator:

Senator Chuck Schumer was equally enthusiastic about his own recipe, a wide-ranging cooking project that centers on a meatloaf of beef, veal and pork surrounded by pieces of barbecued chicken.

“It’s so Chuck,” said Frank Bruni, the Times Op-Ed columnist and former restaurant critic. He calls the recipe the Omnibus Loaf.

What Senator Schumer chooses to eat is his own business, as far as I am concerned, as is what he chooses to say publicly about it. I’m still appreciative that he voted against the Iran nuclear deal. But as someone who avoids eating pork, I’m baffled that the Times would declare a recipe collection that includes Senator Schumer’s as “compelling.” I also wonder why the paper doesn’t supply some explanation of how or why a senator who publicly and proudly identifies as a Jew from Brooklyn wound up promoting a pork recipe. Maybe it is some kind of pun on “pork-barrel” political spending.

It’s as if the Times editors can’t imagine anyone taking Jewish — or even Islamic — dietary laws seriously. That same point was reinforced by the classic Times correction from last year, “An earlier version of this article incorrectly implied that beef tenderloin is kosher and appropriate for Passover. It is not kosher, but other cuts of beef that are kosher may be used in the recipe in its place.”

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  1. It’s no big deal mayor Bloomberg used to eat Nathan hotdogs in public at coney island and always ate publicly in non kosher restaurants not religious is not religious

  2. Some 25 years ago he came to a flatbush Shul Dinner when he was still a well below the radar young congressman. He attempted to be heimish throwing around a some yiddish expressions


  3. Senator Schumer is a true Tzaddik and role model for all of us. Whatever he does is %100 Torahdik. We must show hakaras hatov to him. He protects all our Torah values that we hold dear.

  4. Well at least he didn’t mix fish with his meat…

    Don’t worry though, Charles Schumer is still a “proud Jew”. That is, when Judaism conforms to (the the real religion of) Liberalism. But don’t worry, our askanim will be falling over themselves to curry favors from him. Liberalism has supplanted morality and ethics with (misapplied) tolerance and inclusiveness .


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