NYC Cab Fare Hike Could Start to Go into Effect

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taxiTaxi riders in New York City could see the fare increase approved in July take effect as soon as today.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission says cab drivers can put the new fares into effect starting Sept. 4 if they’ve updated the markings on their cars and their fare meters.

The agency says riders could see a mix of cabs charging new or old fares, depending on whether the required taxi changes have been made.

The 17-percent increase was voted into effect by the TLC on July 12. Taxi drivers are not required to implement the new fares until their first scheduled inspections after Sept. 30, the TLC said.

The increase doesn’t affect the base fare of $2.50, but does raise the per-mile charge. The commission also voted to raise the flat-rate fee between Manhattan and Kennedy Airport from $45 to $52. The surcharge to travel to or from Newark International Airport will rise from $15 to $17.50.

It is the first fare increase since 2005.

The new medallion taxi cab rates of fare are listed below:

For trips in New York City

  • $2.50 initial charge (first 1/5 mile);
  • $0.50 MTA tax;
  • $0.50 per each additional 1/5 mile;
  • $0.50 per 60 seconds in stopped or slow traffic;
  • $1.00 surcharge from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, excluding holidays;
  • $0.50 night surcharge from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily.

Trips to/from JFK International Airport and Manhattan

  • $52.00, plus any tolls and/or tip;
  • the $0.50 night surcharge shall not be added to this flat rate;
  • the $1.00 peak surcharge shall not be added to this flat rate;
  • the $0.50 MTA tax SHALL be added to this flat rate.

Trips to Newark Airport

  • the amount shown on the taximeter plus a surcharge of $17.50; and
  • all necessary tolls to and from the destination.


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