NYC Could Soon Mandate Flu Shots For Small Children

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shotSome New York City parents may soon be required by law to have their children vaccinated for the flu.

The plan would mandate children in day cares and preschools receive the shot.

The proposal, which could be approved by the city’s Board of Health on Wednesday night, is the latest initiative by the health-conscious Bloomberg administration, which is also fighting to limit soda sizes, has raised the purchasing age for cigarettes to 21, has banned trans fats in restaurants and has required eateries to display calorie counts.

Connecticut and New Jersey are the only states in the United States that require the shots for children in day cares. Bloomberg’s proposal would be unprecedented because it would only apply to a city, not a state. Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

{ Newscenter}


  1. These are the same Bl$$mberg “yes men” that brought us restrictions on Metzitza BiPeh! They “claim” MBP is life threatening but yet they NEVER proved it! These lowlife dogs are now going to “force” little children to get this poisonous shot?! These unelected criminals should be arrested & thrown in prison along with their boss!

  2. Complications from the flu – like pneumonia – are a major cause of death among the elderly and those taking drugs (like cancer chemotherapy) that suppress the immune system. It’s commonly known (if you haven’t already figured it out from your own kids bringing home every bug going around school) that schools and daycare are first-class spreaders of contagious diseases. You don’t want your kid to get the shot – but she can pick up the bug at daycare, bring it home, and ch”v give it to your elderly mother, with fatal results. Better safe than sorry.


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