NYC Council Approves Ban On Indoor E-Cigarette Use

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e-cigaretteThe New York City Council approved legislation today to ban the use of electronic cigarettes from indoor public spaces where smoking is already prohibited.

Battery operated, the device heats up liquid nicotine and delivers a chemical-infused vapor. E-cigarettes are billed by many manufacturers as the cigarettes you can smoke anywhere, but that would no longer be true in New York City if Mayor Michael Bloomberg signs the bill, which he is expected to do, according to CBS News.

Under the bill, e-cigarettes would be prohibited in the same places as traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products throughout the city. The ban would go into effect in four months.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Interesting this after recent investigation into smoking has now proven second hand smoke is smelly but not harmful. Oh well don’t give me the facts my mind is made up. Mayor Bloomberg


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