NYC Councilman Chaim Deutsch Files to Run for Congress: Does He Have a Chance?


New York City councilman Chaim Deutsch has registered with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday to run for Congress against incumbent Democrat Rep. Yvette Clarke, who has served in Congress since 2007.

Deutsch is the Democratic District 48 representative on the New York City Council in New York. First elected in 2013, he won a new term in the general election on November 7, 2017.

Councilman Chaim Deutsch is a life-long Brooklynite. Deutsch has been a successful advocate in helping those in need of assistance. From seniors who are homebound or infirm, to kids who are at risk of drug addiction, alcoholism, or abuse, Deutsch has taken a personal interest in countless sensitive cases, with extremely positive results.

Deutsch has been at the forefront of several major initiatives throughout the City, including the #GetAlarmedNYC campaign to outfit every home in New York City with a smoke alarm. He also worked with the New York City Police Department to launch the online program to provide New Yorkers with free access to vehicle collision reports.

Deutsch has been married to his wife Sara for over 25 years. They have five children and two grandsons, Ezra and Alexander.

Deutsch’s prior professional experience includes work as the chief of operations for New York City Councilman Michael Nelson and a constituent liaison for New York City Councilman Lloyd Henry. He has also served as the founder of the Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol, the first vice president and police liaison for the Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush, and a member of the boards of directors of New York Community Hospital and the Chaim Meir/Leader Family Camp Fund.

Deutsch would be the only Orthodox Jew in Congress if elected.

The 9th Congressional District includes Deutsch’s City Council district, as well as neighborhoods like Crown Heights, Park Slope and Flatbush.

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  1. His only realistic chance is if there is a very fractured Democratic primary and he has very strong support from the frum community with support from other communities as well. Once he wins he wins the Democratic primary he is assured victory in the general election.

    The above scenario is very doubtful. He is probably more likely to help to help the progressive candidate get elected than get elected himself.

    • Unfortunately many people still have infantile brains and won’t vote. These dummies are just too lazy and they claim “jury duty” as an excuse to stay home and complain. The others claim “not tznius” to wait in the voting line. Others may see me. The school administrator may see me. I don’t want my child to get kicked out of this top yeshiva/bais yaakov. Bottom line is, too many frum people DON’T VOTE!!!


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