NYC: De Blasio Criticizes Columbus on Columbus Day

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bill-de-blasioWhile he’s beyond proud of his Italian-American heritage, Bill de Blasio nevertheless stops short of celebrating Christopher Columbus, the famed Italian explorer who also committed violent atrocities.

“The historical figure of Columbus is complicated to say the least,” Mr. de Blasio, the front-running candidate for mayor, said today at a press conference right before he marched in Manhattan’s Columbus Day parade. “One thing, he went to work for Spain, I don’t know how I feel about that, as an Italian-American.”

“It’s very complicated,” he added. “There are some troubling things in his history.”

Mr. de Blasio was responding a question asking whether he thought Mr. Columbus, famous for discovering the Americas while sailing for Spain and later attacking the native populations, was worthy of national recognition. But Mr. de Blasio argued the holiday in its current form was simply a celebration of Italian pride, not the explorer.

“That’s not what this day is about, it’s not about the individual. It’s about the people that are represented on Columbus Day,” he argued. “When I’m out here marching on Columbus Day I’m thinking about the pride in my Italian heritage.”


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  1. Columbus is a true hero for discovering the New World which later provided a home for Torah Jews, during the last part of this golus, to study Torah and live after the European chorbon.

    The accusations against Columbus are rubbish.

  2. “is a true hero for discovering the New World which later provided a home for Torah Jews”

    He worked for the Spanish monarchs who expelled the Jews of Spain. Next thing we will hear appreciation for someone who worked for Hitler y”s.

    “The accusations against Columbus are rubbish.”

    Actually they are not. And the conquistadores who followed him were even worse. Not until after independence, over 300 years later, could Jews live in New Spain.

  3. Here’s some clarification on his background. Wilhelm is his real name – He is German on his father’s side, but uses the name from his mother’s side; think it’s her maiden name. How many yidden will be voting for him? r’l


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