NYC: Every Street Now Plowed


snow15New York City’s Sanitation Department says it has met its goal of plowing every street at least once. Spokesman Keith Mellis says not every street has been taken down to blacktop but the roads were passable by the 7 a.m. today, the time the agency said it would have them plowed.

Mellis says today’s s goal is to “keep working on the streets.”

He says the department also will position snow melters throughout the city to begin clearing the streets of large mounds of the plowed snow.

He says “we’re actively plowing and hauling during the course of the day.”

He says the agency received a few calls of missed streets and would investigate.

{Grand Forks Herald/}


  1. B”H we have Greenfeld. Because of him hundreds of thousands of kinderlech could go to Yeshiva and millions of blatt gemorah and Torah was learned.

  2. That’s absolutely a LIE!!!! While I passed 40th & 41st Streets in Boro Park AFTER 10:00 AM today, these streets were not plowed even “ONCE”!!!

  3. it was amazing, we had a tractor come down and really break up the layers of ice and pile up the snow so that our block is blacktop once again, of course there are long piles of ice on both sides of the street totally blocking in all the cars. then this afternoon 3 plows came down the block which absolutely did not need it anymore. Had they done this 3 days ago the city would be functional by now.

  4. 47th Street between 13th & 14th Avenues, were not Shoveled as of 4:30 this afternoon

    same go’s for 51 and ft hamilton.

    please stop buying in to what you read and let the world hear the truth. The streets are terrible. Not all but plenty.

  5. As of 5:00 this evening, E. 7th & E. 9th bet. Ave. R-S-T has not yet been plowed. Bring the kids for a ride down the block as a Chol Hamoed trip.

  6. Tiferes Yisroel (E 35 K&L) and Torah Vodaas (E 9 Cortelyou & Ditmas) are among the streets that seem to have been ignored. I’m sure they’re not the only ones. sigh.


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