NYC Has Repaired 165,784 Potholes Since Jan. 1


potholeIt’s all because of the long, rough winter. Many of us have heard the sound that can lead to more than $200 leaving your pocket. It’s the sound of your front end and tires are being destroyed by potholes.

It’s all because thousands of city streets resemble war-torn terrain.

“They’re terrible. It’s like going through a minefield. You’ve got to swerve in and out, create an accident, bouncing in and out all day long,” Elmhurst driver Kevin Trinidad said.

The city said it has repaired 165,784 potholes since the first of this year. That’s up a huge 38 percent compared to the same time last year. The city Department of Transportation said it can keep up with increase in pothole repair.

But try telling that to drivers suffering all day long.

“The potholes mess up the shocks and stress on the car and you can’t get it fixed,” East New York driver Ken Jacobs said

“Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Belt Parkway near Mill Basin, I have relatively new truck and it shakes and rattles,” Brooklyn driver Tim Craig said.

On particular pothole Hickey measured five weeks ago was four inches deep. She called 311 and was told it would be fixed in a month. Again, that was five weeks ago.

“I blew my tire here last week,” Upper West Side resident Simon Vinokor said.

The only people mildly happy about these crater-filled streets are the auto parts dealers selling strut assembly and new hub bearings.

“Once you hit a big pothole, whole front end destroyed. City not on its game, everyone’s got to spend, spend, spend,” said Raul Galarza of Big City Auto Parts.

“I keep getting a light that my tires are low. Keep filling it up. I go over another pothole. Light goes on again,” added Lauren Sutera of East Elmhurst.

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