Updated: NYC: Hatzolah’s Central Phone Lines Are Down

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hatzolah[Update below.] Hatzolah has notified Matzav.com that its central emergency lines (718.230.1000, 718.387.1750) in the New York City area are down. If you need to contact Hatzolah in New York City for a medical emergency, call 718.998.8775.

We will keep readers posted as the situation develops.

Update, 3:46 EST: Hatzalah’s emergency lines are back in service. Please call 718.230.1000 or 718.387.1750 for a medical emergency.

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  1. No, the line IS down. I keep calling to get the guy in the ad pulled off the right side of my screen and forced to attend an alcoholic disintoxication therapy regimen.

  2. This is very suspicious & should be investigated as an anti-semitic hate crime. The Verizon employee who cut the lines should be fired.
    There have been numerous other suspicious incidents with Verizon, besides their terrible service.


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