NYC Health Department Blares Covid-19 Message In Kew Garden Hills – In Yiddish [VIDEO]

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The Kew Garden Hills section of Queens received a message, blared in Yiddish, from a New York City Health Department vehicle.

The vast majority of Orthodox Jewish resident in Kew Garden Hills don’t speak Yiddish.


  1. I am not an authority in halacah or in the field of medicine. I do however know
    that we learn from Moshe Rabbainu the
    importance of being nosah b’ol chaviru.
    As such, all practicing Jews should be
    wearing a mask as a sign of nesios ol!
    I feel if one wears a mask for this reason
    alone, it is a “Special edition” mask.
    In the zechus of our nesios ol may we
    all merit a Gmar Chasima Tova!

  2. Hope yidden have woken up to this covid nonsense. There’s not one person who died of covid. They ALLLLLLL died of existing illness. Covid is the greatest hoax of the century.

  3. Discriminatory, stereotypical, ignoramuses – they is us, look in the mirror, are your current representatives really representing you?

  4. Yeh right. Queens is known to be a hotbed of Chassidim. I guess their next step in to go into Williamsburg and blare the message in Americana English. Real great advisors the City has.


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