NYC Hospitals Cited For Leaving Items In Patients, Using Wrong Blood

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winthrop-university-hospitalSeveral New York City hospitals have landed on the 2011 watch list after reporting deadly patient-safety lapses, according to the Niagara Health Quality Coalition.

St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital topped the list at number after reporting deaths in low-risk patients.

Columbia-Presbyterian was ranked second-highest in the state after it was reported surgeons left objects like sponges and instruments inside five patients.

A hospital spokesperson told the New York Post that they’re committed to providing high quality and regularly rank as one of the top hospitals in the country.

Beth Israel Medical Center came in third for poor rates of heart attack deaths. Brookdale University Hospital followed for poor rates of post-operative hip fractures.

Jamaica Hospital in Queens also made it onto the list for giving a patient a transfusion with the wrong type of blood.

As for the safest list, the Weill Cornell campus on the Upper East Side was listed along with Lenox Hill Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center.

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  1. Just goes to show…

    Everyone running to the fancy ‘Manhattan’ hospitals get worse care than in the ‘regular’ hospitals in Brooklyn.

    The top 3 on the list were the Elite ‘City” hospitals…

  2. When my daughter gave birth (in an out of town hospital), I accompanied her. I noticed how the nurses wouldn’t leave the room until they counted every last sponge that they had used. That’s the way it should be!

  3. NYU safe !!

    what a joke.
    they tried – B”H unsuccessfully – to kill my wife at least 5 times in one week ( I know what I am talking about since i am a physician myself !!)

  4. NYU tried to kill your wife? Is that the excuse you are going to give when the find your wife dead Loa Alainu. Why would anyone pick on your wife? You sound paranoid or schizapfrenic. If you are a physician, you have a legal and moral obligation to report it and give all evidence.

  5. I’m sure that poster #3 was speaking hyperbolically. I think he means that errors which he deems inexcuseable, were made in treating her condition

  6. lats see Columbia had 5 problems out of thousands of operations per year percentages are in your fAVOR NO ONE SAID THAT DOCTORS ARE GOD ONLY THAT THEY ARE HIS HANDS ON EARTH TRY LIVING WITH OUT THEM

  7. for facts: at the time of the bris she was still in intensive care and the chief medical officer came to visit every day and even gave me his cell number in order to appease us.
    i saw more INCOMPETENCE and NEGLIGENCE in NYU in one week than in brooklyn in 5 years !!
    and by the way Yossel: you should be careful about insulting others, especially during elul !!

    essentially i agree with ANON : HASHEM IS THE ONLY ONE WE CAN PUT OUR TRUST IN.


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