NYC Hospitals Tightening Admittance Policies at NICUs and Other Sensitive Locations in Response to Continued Measles Outbreak

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Hoping to finally stem the growth of its worst measles outbreak in decades, New York City hospitals are enacting new policies that would require visitors to present proof of immunity in order to gain entry to certain wards.

The measles outbreak in New York City began this past fall when a traveler from Jerusalem inadvertently affected people in New Square with the measles. Since that time, the highly contagious disease has spread throughout Jewish communities in the greater New York City area and nearly 100 cases have been reported to the Department of Health since the outbreak began, although the actual number of cases diagnosed is believed to be significantly higher.

The latest step in protecting the most vulnerable patients from the measles has been taken by hospitals in the five boroughs and will affect visitors from high risk areas where clusters of measles cases have been reported. Under the new policies, visitors from those locations will need current laboratory documentation proving their immunity to measles in order to be allowed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and other wards housing patients with compromised immune systems.

Hospital official noted that the regulations are not intended to single out any particular demographic and are being enacted to prevent infections that could result in serious complications and potentially life threatening consequences.

Medical experts continue calling on parents to vaccinate their children in order to contain the spread of the disease and New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said that 13,000 children have been immunized over the last several months.

“If you go back many decades ago when we weren’t vaccinating of course there were probably more outbreaks, but in my memory, I don’t know of a measles outbreak that was this significant,” said Zucker.



  1. “a traveler from Jerusalem inadvertently affected people in New Square with the measles” Why did the traveler, an adult, have measles if he was injected with these dangerous vaccinations as a child?

  2. What a joke. The hospitals are the most dangerous place for ANYONE to be. Hospitals are the most infested place with germs. Healthy people who enter a hospital, more often than not, will walk out with a sickness or disease. It is the hospitals that are killing people. Not the other way around. Still trying to make America like the old Communist Russia.

    • Absolutely – except for a detail: most of us, when we are sick, rush to hospital (where we spread our contagious disease to other patients, medical staff and visitors) because we want to be treated.


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