NYC May Charge For Paper Bags As State Bans Plastic

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New York City shoppers who switch to paper bags when plastic ones are outlawed by the state next year will have to fork over 5 cents for each one under legislation proposed by city lawmakers on Tuesday.

City Council members Brad Lander and Margaret Chin said they intend to introduce a bill allowing the city to opt in to the 5-cent fee for paper bags that’s part of the new state law outlawing plastic bags as of March 1, 2020.

Lander said the manufacturing and transportation of paper bags also produces greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental problems.

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  1. This has been going on in CA for a few years already. We got used to it at this point. You learn to be less wasteful and re-use bags.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but in California don’t you have parking lots nears your stores and don’t you generally drive to work? Many here in NYC and the borroughs will shop on the way home from work, are they supposed to take all the bags to work with them? A lot of times it is a quick unexpected shopping for a few items, so now we will always have to carry bags with us? I think the city itself should not be allowed to have motor vehicles so all city vehicles should be gotten rid of including police cars. Let the cops take mass transportation to their calls. Also, for the politicians who voted for this, their closest fire houses should be changed to steam powered horse drawn water trucks.

  2. What a stupid law!! These moron lefty lunatic legislators have nothing better to do with their time as long as they get their taxpayer subsidized paychecks. This only happens when DemocRATs are in power. You have to start voting Republican to put a sense of fear into these nincompoops!


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