NYC Mayoral Candidate Thompson: No Justice Done, Trayvon Martin Was Killed Because He Was Black


thompsonAre these people you would vote for in a mayoral election?

Weighing in on the George Zimmerman acquittal, Democrat Bill Thompson, the only African-American in the NYC race, wrote on Twitter, “Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black. There was no justice done today in Florida.”

Anthony Weiner called the decision a “deeply unsatisfying verdict. Trial by jury is our only choice in a democracy.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called the jury’s decision”a shocking insult to his family and everyone seeking justice for Trayvon.”

City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio chimed in, calling the verdict “a slap in the face to justice.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Did the mayoral candidates want a real trial or a show trial? From their comments, it seems as though all they wanted was a show trial. Are these the folks we are voting for?

  2. WOW!!! There is really nobody to vote for tell weiner he should be the last to talk he is a menuval and belongs locked up way more than zimmerman who was just unfortunate to have killed someone black if he was not black there would be no case to talk of it was clear that he was innocent

  3. Poor Bill Thompson,he’s trying to be on both sides at the same time.I wonder if he would step into a elevator if there were a few Trayvons with hoodies in there.

  4. Hey Bill,

    Was OJ’s murdered wife (and her friend) black too?

    Is that why OJ got off?

    Your racism is beginning to show.

  5. They are competing with each other, a contest for who can pander the most. Vey iz mir.

    That shows what those liberals are made out of. When the heat is on, they melt like a chunk of butter.

  6. Like ice cream out of the freezer,eventually it melts and we see its true form. The same with politicians;the makeup wears off and we see their true beliefs.On purim when someone is drunk you find out their true inner self. The tzaddikim shine and those that are not are discovered. Like the posuk says in toldos “velo hekiro ki hayu yadav seiros”. Talk is cheap. May hakodosh baruch be merachem on klal yisroel


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