NYC Plans To Raise Cigarette Prices To Highest In Nation, Restrict E-Cig Sales

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Brooklyn Patch reports: The Nanny State strikes again. In an effort to cut down the number of NYC smokers by 160,000 within the next three years, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced legislation Wednesday afternoon that would raise the minimum price on a pack of cigarettes from $10.50 to $13 — “the highest price floor in the nation,” the mayor said.
The new package of five anti-smoking bills, if approved by the City Council, would also make it harder to sell e-cigarettes in the city by imposing the same tight licensing restrictions on e-cig sellers as are currently imposed on cigarette sellers.
One of the bills in the package, Bill 1527, would ban all city pharmacies from selling tobacco products — and would make it almost impossible for any new business to do so as well. The city would achieve this by setting caps for tobacco retailer licenses in each of the city’s community districts that are lower than the current number of sellers.
De Blasio compared Big Tobacco to a serial killer “convincing young people in droves to partake in e-cigarettes” at a dramatic press conference Wednesday at the American Heart Association’s headquarters in Midtown. Read more at the Brooklyn Patch.


  1. This is totally absurd and borders on illegal action. The law in New York State is that it IS legal to purchase and smoke cigarettes. If the Mayor is so “concerned” about everyones health, let him pass a law making it illegal to possess and smoke cigarettes. Who gives him the legal authority to punish taxpayers who ARE FOLLOWING THE LAW?! He tries the same trick with his plastic bag chicanery. And this is coming from a man who wants to make marijuana legal, in sanctuary city, NYC! So cigarettes are dangerous but marijuna is healthy. Aha.

  2. Hey, if NYC has to pay for the ensuing illness from smoking and drinking soda etc., you better believe they have a right to limit access to it. The only “Nanny State” about them is that they have to be the ones holding the bag for people’s recklessness. You can’t have it both ways…..

  3. yes i dot understand why are the same people pushing cigerate prices higher legalizing marijuana it makes no sense!!! marujana should be illeagel.


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