NYC Play Depicts Trump Assassination

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In the vein of Kathy Griffin, a “Shakespeare in the Park” production of Julius Caesar by the Public Theater features a mock assassination of a president Donald Trump lookalike. Though the play does not refer to the president by name, the depiction of Caesar bears striking similarities to Trump.

In the play, the actor has reddish hair and wears an unbuttoned overcoat and red power tie. He Tweets from a bathtub and is later stabbed to death by senators next to an American flag.

“Shakespeare’s political masterpiece has never felt more contemporary,” the Public Theatre wrote of the play on their website. Caesar is described as a “magnetic, populist, irreverent,” who “seems bent on absolute power.” Read more at Daily Caller.



  1. Ha ha ha. Liberals are allowed to depict these things. No worries.
    It’s only those evil white bigoted racist deplorable Republicans that are not privy to the first ammendment. Now of course if someone did this with Obama, the streets of America would be on fire.

  2. Had such a play been performed under the previous administration, between BLM, liberal media, and all the other protests and demonstrations, there would have been a real riot in NYC.

  3. When Hussein was a President, any kind of statement against him, would get full Secret Service investigation. Where are the Secret Service bulldogs to investigate this possible incitement to murder the current President?! Did DemocRatic tentacles reach inside the Secret Service too? Why can’t Trump fire every single high ranking federal bureaucrat and hire new blood without DemocRatic political affiliations?!

    • Because the Rinos who control the diseased GOP are little whinny sissies. They are petrified of their own shadow. They have capitulated to the dominant DNC women. We only have a corrupt one party system in this dysfunctional government. We the taxpaying citizens are the dumb stupid gullible losers in all of this! WE are the idiots. We have allowed the DNC Controlled media to run roughshod over our lives. The swamp has overflowed and is drowning us!

  4. this is going TOO FAR and whoever produced this s/b INDICTED FOR INCITEMENT.

    if it would have been Obama this person would be IN JAIL ALREADY…………………..


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