NYC Property Taxes Are Going Up

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NYC’s Department of Finance published tentative tax assessments for the coming fiscal year, and it looks like they will rise at a similar pace as last year, the New York Post reported.

Last year the total market value of all real estate in Manhattan, as assessed by the department, increased by 8.7 percent to $1.157 trillion.

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  1. As the liberal politicians are squandering tax payers money they seek to squeeze as much taxes as possible of the normal people. I see so many people with working off the books because it’s no t worth working on the books. Living costs will continue to rise in this vicious cycle.

  2. Definitely not a problem for landlords. They will just raise the rent on their helpless tenants. The rich just keep on getting richer.

  3. Once minimum wage was increased to 13 and next year 15, all government workers and contractors will get paid much more. So, the people need to pay for this increase in costs entirely due to government mandate.


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