NYC Records Lowest Crime Rate in Its Modern History

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NYPDNew Yorkers are feeling more anxious about crime, but statistics show the rate is actually at a historic low, The New York Times reports.

Major felonies in 2015 saw a 2 percent decrease over the previous year, while arrests by officers fell 13 percent, down from 384,770 through December 20, 2014 to 333,115 through the same date in 2015.

Criminal summonses dropped from 358,948 to 292,372.

Murders rose slightly. There were 339 as of December 25, compared to 333 in 2014, but that year was a historic low. The city saw 536 murders five years ago.

Gun violence spiked early in the year, but 2015 ended with a decrease there as well.

“As we end this year, the City of New York will record the safest year in its history, its modern history, as it relates to crime,” Police Commissioner William Bratton said during a December 17 promotion ceremony, the he also noted the year had been “terrible” for the department because four officers had died in the line of duty. Read more at NEWSMAX.



  1. Crime rates are lower because a) people aren’t reporting since the system is so broke and b) they wrote the stats so if you believe them, then please buy the bridge I’ve got to sell : it’s in Brooklyn!

  2. Here is the situation today.
    It’s a crime to assume Muslims are committing crimes.
    It’s a crime to believe Obama is giving visa preference to Muslims over persecuted Christians.
    It’s a crime to think Obama with Muslim the same day.
    It’s a crime to question obamas country of origin

    That’s from the govts perspective. Realistically nobody else buys it. It’sshoved down our throats. But still we dont accept it. We’re framed into bigots for not accepting politically correctness as an alternative to security. And we don’t buy this rubbish report. Everybody knows where he’s afraid to walk at night. Everybody knows Muslims is a race to suspect and do not feel safe around them. Everybody is aware that petty thefts aren’t included in this report while the city raised the limit of “petty crimes”.

    Thanks for explaining how everybody is stupid for not feeling safe. The only place I’d feel safe at night is dunkins.

  3. #2 very few of these crimes in NYC are by Muslims.

    And it isn’t a crime to think that Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii or that he is a Muslim. It is stupid. Being a total ignoramus, which is what you are if you believe either of those memes, is not a crime. (You are indeed also probably a bigot; the person who started the “Obama is a Muslim” is in fact a notorious anti-Semite.)


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